• Dom

    “I had a really great experience with Dr. Brindha. She was JUST what I had hoped for: knowledgeable, kind, and informative. I was blown away by the information detected from the system she uses! I was also stunned that the test could show I had an injury that was healing. It was comforting knowing that there are answers and you can know them right away and start working toward making progress in your body: physically, mentally, and emotionally.” 

    Personal Trainer
  • donna

    ”Total Body Solutions has been able to help us address several health issues for which we'd been unable to find real solutions elsewhere.  They are diligent about finding and addressing the underlying causes of bigger problems rather than just treating / masking / managing the resulting symptoms.  The care and treatment we have received here have been very beneficial to the improvement of our health.”

  • sharla testimony

    “I loved the frequency scan! The entire experience was so fascinating and illuminating. When it was all said and done I felt relaxed and energized at the same time and like I had gone through a thorough detox. I highly recommend it!”

    Holistic Life Transformational Coach
  • Marsha

    “My appointment with Dr. Brindha was both pleasant and informative. She's very knowledgeable and the scan pinpointed areas that I needed treatment and reassured me that health changes I had previously made were working.”

  • Simone review

    “I was immediately impressed with my scan from the very first screen of the feedback. When Dr. Brindha began talking, I knew her data was accurate because it was what I had been told at my last allergist appointment. The reporting was far more detailed about my cholesterol levels, blood flow and the condition of my heart (a concern with my family medical history) than what my regular doctor has ever provided. I have been taking the customized products for a few days and can already feel the difference in the targeted areas. In addition, Dr. Brindha gave me practical, low-cost and effective methods to address minor ailments I had been content to live with but no longer have to. Thanks, Dr. Brindha!”

  • Lauren

    “Dr.Brindha was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to while you’re having your scan and discussing treatment plans. The scan picked up health concerns that few people in my life know about so I know it’s working and accurate. The most noninvasive, intuitive test I’ve ever had run. Excited to see results!”

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