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June 2014 we went on our first family mission trip! We did everything that was suggested, got all our shots and our malaria pills.
From June 2014-August 2015 Reagan seemed different! She slept more, she kept telling us she couldn’t remember things, so much more. Took her to the dr, dr said there is nothing wrong With her!
August 26, we were driving to church her right arm went numb, time we got to church her entire body was numb. Went to ER, they sent us home after numerous test, said nothing is wrong with her. Spent one week in the hospital, test after test, 5 spinal taps so many test. We were sent home in a wheel chair, and her hospital gown because she was so weak she couldn’t physically get dressed.
Nothing is wrong, no diagnosis. We saw over 18 medical Drs, turned down by mayo, still no diagnosis. Reagan was literally deteriorating right in front of our eyes, she was unable to feed herself, hold her head up, walk, bath herself, severe tremors, even talk at times. On week 12 a friend texted us about Dr. Heather Walters. We went in on that Thursday. She new that Reagan had Malarone toxicity (her body was full of toxins due to the malaria pills) and her body was not absorbing iron! Within 5 days after seeing her Reagan started walking!!!! It has been 10 months now!
We thank God for Dr. Heather everyday! We have no idea where Reagan would be today if Dr. Heather didn’t come into our life!! Best Dr. ever!!

Just wanted to let you know that Blair is feeling better than she’s felt in 6 months! I am so happy we brought her in! Thank you for your service; we are so appreciative!
Leslie 🙂

I was diagnosed with black mold toxicity in January 2014. I was 5 times above the maximum level.
It was a very long road to recovery. Years of seeing different doctors with different treatments, but when I met Dr. Heather Walters 6 months ago, I immediately saw amazing progress.
The sublingual custom drops accelerated my healing, and after 6 months of following her treatment, I was released from her care.
I completely trust Dr. Walters with my health now, and I cannot recommend her enough. Her reputation and professional skill are above and beyond what I usually experienced in the medical field.

I was having issues with my hormones and mood swing for a couple years after I had babies. I worked out and ate healthy but still couldn’t seem to feel like myself. I mailed in my saliva for Dr. Walters to test. I got my products in the mail very quickly afterwards. I started taking them and within a week I felt so much better. My energy level was up and I felt that happy feeling again. Come to find out it was my adrenal glands that were messed up. I would have never figured that out by myself. Thank you Total Body Solutions!
I get sinus infections fairly easy. They usually last two or three weeks before they go away. I do not like taking antibiotics. I had a friend tell me about Total Body Solutions so I thought I’d give it a try. The process was very easy and fast. After I started my vitamins my head felt better the next day. I was really amazed how fast it helped my sinus infection. I have never found something that works that good. I will go to Total Body Solutions from now on with any problems I might have.
Total Body Solutions saved me from having to spend thousands of dollars on tests! I came in to get a thermography scan done. I had felt a lump in my right breast. After the thermography scan and a saliva test. Dr. Walters was able to determine that it was fungus. I started taking an anti-fungal supplement that she prescribed and within a month the lump was gone and my next thermography scan was clear. I am soooo thankful to have found this out. I can’t imagine the money I would have spent going through so many invasive test.

Good News! My osteopenia has reversed! The doctor says my “bones are stronger than most young women” thanks to your program!

I came in with very low energy within a day of taking the supplements, I had a huge increase in energy.