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Easy In-House Financing – Up To 12 Months To Pay No Credit Required!

Total Body Solutions provides in-house financing to help you obtain your products and services when you need them.

Simply ask for your easy application in our office, or call us for details at (918) 398-6576. Click here for a financing brochure.

Easy In-House Financing

  • It is easy to set up monthly payments using in-house financing.
  • Just fill out a simple one page application to get approved.
  • You don’t have to delay your purchases or put off the necessities.
  • All you need is a checking account. You’ll be on your way in no time at all.

No Credit Required

  • Your credit score is not a factor in getting approved.
  • Approval is mainly based on your checking account history.
  • If you have your checkbook and a steady job, you can be approved in as little as 5 minutes.

Easy & Affordable Financing

  • With in-house financing there is no interest payment, no penalties, and no hidden fees.
  • You get fixed monthly payments paid through your checking account.
  • You can make your purchase now and stay on top of your budget.