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Breast Thermography from TBS Health Clinic

Breast thermography gives women of all ages the opportunity to increase their chances of detecting breast disease at an early stage.

  • Safe, painless, noninvasive test that takes only 15 minutes
  • Alerts your doctor to subtle physiologic changes that accompany breast diseases
  • Aids diagnosis of cancer, fibrocystic disease, infections, or vascular disease

Breast thermography is a complementary tool that offers earlier detection of breast disease than possible through breast self-examination, doctor examination or mammography alone. It is designed to improve chances for detecting fast-growing, active tumors in the intervals between mammographic screenings or when screening guidelines do not indicate mammography guidelines for women under 50.

How Breast Themography Works

Total Body Solutions uses the newest ultra-sensitive, high-resolution digital infrared camera technology. Thermography demonstrates heat patterns that are strongly indicative of breast abnormalities and disease.

By performing thermography years before conventional mammography, at-risk patients can be monitored more carefully. Once abnormal heat patterns are detected in the breast, follow-up procedures including mammography are necessary to rule out or properly diagnose cancer and a host of other breast diseases such as fibrocystic syndrome, Paget disease, and more.

Medical professionals have demonstrated that thermography is a valuable and safe early risk marker of breast pathology, as well as an excellent case management tool for the ongoing monitoring and treatment of breast disease when used under carefully controlled clinical protocols.

TBS keeps patients’ thermograms on record to form a baseline for all future routine evaluations. Using the results of your breast thermography, your doctor can lay out a careful program to further diagnose and/or monitor you during and after any treatment.

What Do Thermograms Look Like?

Normal Thermogram

normal breast thermogram

Early-Stage Malignant Tumor

early stage tumor shown in breast thermogram

Annual Breast Health Monitoring


baseline breast thermography

3-Month Follow-up

3-month follow up breast thermography

First Annual

first annual breast thermography

Second Annual

second annual breast thermography

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